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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. LXXVIII

Housekeeping is essential.

Missouri v Florida

This is a shorter Weekly Open Thread than you may be used to, but I really just need to get some housekeeping items handled.

  • This week (and next week, and the week after) is probably going to feature a fair few pieces on recruiting that go into Florida’s situation(s) in further depth than we can in a CAB or than I wanted to in tweets this Sunday, given that the early signing period is nearly upon us. But the variety of different things we have to talk about right now — just today, we need to cover a 2019 commit, a 2021 commit, and a possible impact transfer — means, I think, that the best way to handle those things is in one piece. Watch for that later today.
  • Florida’s men’s basketball team is about to embark on its most important week of its non-conference slate, with games on Tuesday against West Virginia and Saturday against Michigan State. These games are meaty enough to be previewed in more than a Game Thread, and I also want to bring back a weekly roundup piece on Florida basketball. Look for that tomorrow.
  • We are 26 days from Florida’s final football game of the 2018 season. That means we’re going to have only that much time to preview a third game against Michigan since New Year’s Day in 2016 (yawn) or review the 2018 season ... without considering the final game of that season. I think we will probably do slightly more of the former than the latter over the next few weeks, but my intent is to do at least some of both.
  • If that sounds like a lot of content: It should be! And if it sounds like it might be more than you have read from me of late, it very well might be. But I would like to remind you that we are still looking for contributors — in (meagerly) paid roles, if you can regularly contribute quality stuff, even — and would like to tell all the people who have continued to email about those positions that I will get in touch with you by the end of this week, even if only to thank you for applying. I have been bad about that; I intend to be better about it this week.

All that sound good? Okay, great.

Ready, break.