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Florida’s Trey Burton throws touchdown pass (to Nick Foles!) in Super Bowl LII

The playmaker’s still got it!

LSU v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

With time waning in the first half of Super Bowl LII, the Philadelphia Eagles had a chance to add points to a slim lead over the New England Patriots by kicking a field goal.

They didn’t do that.

Instead, they turned to erstwhile Florida Gators jack of all trades Trey Burton — and, on a trick play, he threw the second touchdown pass by a Gator in Super Bowl history, this one to Philly quarterback Nick Foles.

Burton spent some of 2010 as a backup quarterback for Florida, memorably scoring six touchdowns against Kentucky and starting for the Gators against Florida State, but he transitioned to playing more H-back, tight end, and wide receiver as his college career progressed. And he’s become a do-everything special teams player and versatile reserve tight end for the Eagles, catching five touchdown passes this year.

The touchdown pass is the second by a Gator in Super Bowl history. The first came from Rex Grossman, who threw a touchdown to Muhsin Muhammad in Super Bowl XLI, which Grossman’s Bears ultimately lost to Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts.

That one is unlikely to be as memorable as this one, a gutsy trick play on fourth down to help give a plucky underdog a 10-point lead over the dynastic Patriots.

“Our guys executed it brilliantly,” said Eagles coach Doug Pederson in a pre-halftime interview.

No kidding.