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Watch Dan Mullen’s National Signing Day 2018 press conference

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The Gators’ new head coach discusses his first class.

University of Florida Introduces Dan Mullen Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The Florida Gators’ head coach took to the podium to recap Florida’s 2018 National Signing Day.

A few highlights and notes from Dan Mullen’s remarks:

  • Mullen notes that the Gators will be under the 85 scholarship threshold this year, but explains that that is partly by design - hinting that Florida will have a larger 2019 signing class.
  • Speaking of that, Mullen notes he probably spent more time on the phone today with 2019 prospects than 2018 ones.
  • Percy Harvin is now living in Gainesville and Mullen hopes to convince him to complete his degree at UF.
  • On the topic of Harvin, Mullen called his high school film the best he had ever seen.
  • Justin Watkins is “electric,” Malik Langham is a “raw talent,” and Jacob Copeland was an immediate priority.
  • No update on the eligibility of transfer wide receivers Van Jefferson and Trevon Grimes.
  • Helicopters!
  • Mullen encourages everyone to not get caught up in players’ rankings, noting that the staff has to trust their evaluations too. He invokes Dak Prescott as an example.