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Friday Forum: What would qualify as a pleasant surprise for Florida in 2018?

Florida is probably not going to the College Football Playoff this fall. But it could have a good season, right?

Florida State v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

At least one person thinks enough of the 2018 iteration of the Florida Gators to predict that they will play in the College Football Playoff.

No, really.

That is ... a take. It gets a little better when you know that Brian Jones said in a different context that he anticipates the SEC champion having two losses, and it’s probably cast a little differently if you consider that Florida was a single win over Alabama in the SEC Championship Game from being a two-loss SEC champion just three years ago, but it’s still a very bullish projection for Florida, and one I can’t get behind myself.

But it would also be an awesome surprise for a team that I’m entering this fall with few concrete expectations for, and it got me wondering: What would the Gators have to do to pleasantly surprise you this fall?

Is it averaging 30 points per game? Knocking off Georgia or Florida State? Getting to 10 wins? Feleipe Franks becoming a fringe Heisman contender? Or would you consider merely being a dangerous eight-win team a surprise?

Let me know in the comments.