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Chomping at Bits: Urban Meyer suspended for three games after Ohio State investigation

Is this too light a punishment?

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - USC v Ohio State Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

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Urban Meyer suspended for three games: Ehhh. Ohio State’s report hinges on some difficult-to-believe claims — most specifically, that Shelley Meyer didn’t tell Urban of Courtney Smith’s allegations of domestic abuse in 2015 because she didn’t think the allegations were credible, something that Shelley’s texts to Courtney Smith would seem to contradict — and paints a picture of a troubled Zach Smith who didn’t walk the straight and narrow and a forgiving Meyer who failed in his efforts to help his assistant coach do so. Three games feels like a slap on the wrist to me, and what I’ve seen of the Ohio State news conference did not feature a deeply remorseful Meyer, just an exhausted one.

But, hey, he’ll be back for Tulane.

(Alex Kirshner and Richard Johnson, SB Nation | Morgan Moriarty and Alex Kirshner, SB Nation | Jason Kirk, SB Nation | Heather Dinich, ESPN)

Ailing Scot Brantley honored by Ocala: Meanwhile, at another endpoint of one of football’s many cautionary tales, former Florida linebacker Brantley — who revealed earlier this year that he has Alzheimer’s disease — is dealing with the trauma of a life spent playing football, and being lauded as if his candle has precious little wick left to burn. (Scott Carter, Florida Gators)

Dan Mullen thinks new redshirt rules could keep players engaged: This expands on statements from Mullen’s presser this Monday. (Scott Carter, Florida Gators)

How Tate Casey is preparing for stick work: I did not know Tate Casey was a redhead. (Chris Harry, Florida Gators)

Florida updates student rewards app: Back in my day, this stuff wasn’t tracked by app. I also entered college 11 years ago without a smartphone. Generations are getting shorter. (Florida Gators)