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Florida selling cheap single-game tickets on “Orange and Blue Friday”

A new annual event, perhaps?

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Gators open fall practice today. Whee!

I won’t be there in person to cover it — or any practices this year, because I don’t live in Gainesville at the moment — so our coverage here is going to be limited to aggregation and augury ... unless one of you wants to become a correspondent, or something? If not: Boo!

But the cool thing about Florida coming off a 4-7 season and missing a bowl game for just the second time in my lifetime, and the Gators suffering from a corresponding downturn in fan interest, is that Florida still has tickets to sell to games. And, per an email I just got from the program, the Gators are doing that today — a day they’ve dubbed “Orange and Blue Friday” — with single-game tickets at some of the lowest prices I’ve seen.

From the email — which, yes, uses the wrong “peak” in its body:

Fall football practice starts today! To celebrate, we’re offering fans seven exclusive ticket deals...that’s one deal for each home game! PLUS, we’re waving all transaction fees on single game tickets AND there is no limit on how many you can purchase.

Act fast as our one day sale ends tonight at 11:59pm ET. Get started by taking a peak at the promotions below, and then shop ‘til you drop through the orange button. P.S. there is no coupon code needed!

Charleston Southern (9/1) - $10 tickets

Kentucky (9/8) – $35 tickets

Colorado State (9/15) - $15 tickets

LSU (10/6)- $50 tickets

Missouri (11/3) - $35 tickets

South Carolina (11/10) - $40 tickets

Idaho (11/17) - $10 tickets

I assume, sight unseen, that these tickets are for the least desirable seats in The Swamp, largely ones located where the sun is likely to be most brutal for day games and where it’s hardest to see the field for all games. And branding this as Orange and Blue Friday, tying this to fall practice beginning, and extending really good deals to fans helps obscure the inconvenient fact this reveals: Florida hasn’t sold out a single home game yet this year.

But this deal is really good. Buying one ticket to each home game on Florida’s slate this year today will run you just $195 plus taxes and any applicable fees if I’ve done the math correctly. And that’s an utter steal — especially given that student season tickets cost $140, a single student guest season ticket would run you $380, and season tickets at most levels above that can easily creep into the four figures.

And, also? There’s no limit on the number of tickets you can buy, and thus an outside chance that you will be able to buy a bunch of tickets today and scalp them this fall. I’d be hard-pressed to imagine making a killing on the prices listed and the seats I think they correspond to, but if you really think, say, Florida-LSU is going to be a hot ticket, that might be an investment opportunity for you — and Florida’s apparently fine with selling at today’s prices and not holding inventory in case of same-week interest.

I don’t know if I’ll be buying any of these tickets, but I’m going to be thinking about it all day, at least. What about you?