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Florida vs. Colorado State, Quick Rewind: Watch the Gators’ romp again

(You can skip the offense parts, if you’d like.)

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the inestimable libgator, we once more have the ability to go back and watch previous Florida Gators games in a condensed format that makes a rewatch a total breeze.

So you and I can both go back through last Saturday’s 48-10 win over Colorado State in under half an hour — and can go through the full game and every offensive and defensive snap isolated in under an hour.

Full Game



I still haven’t had a chance to watch these in full — I’ll be doing that right after publishing this post, I reckon! — but, as ever, these are an immensely useful resource, especially for those of us who still lack DVRs in the year 2018, and I definitely recommend subscribing to libgator on YouTube if you want to be sure not to miss these each week.

Of course, you can also see them here, and I’ll be trying to post this closer to when the videos upload each week going forward — but, uh, I also completely neglected to post the Kentucky condensed game (on purpose), so I make no promises about timing or regularity.