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Watch: Tennessee turns touchdown to touchback, thanks to Florida’s C.J. Henderson

Incredible hustle makes for an unbelievable play.

The Florida Gators have dominated their SEC road opener against the Tennessee Volunteers so far on this Saturday night, forcing turnovers and scoring touchdowns off of them.

With Florida leading 23-3, though, the Vols took a risk on a fourth and short on their own side of midfield — and came through with a play that should have shortened Florida’s lead ... except for what happened as tight end Austin Pope tried to get in for six.

Florida corner C.J. Henderson showed off his blazing speed on the play, recovering from parts unknown to chase Pope down. And in the process of being tackled, Pope managed to dislodge the ball from his arm with his own other hand, producing a fumble that caromed out of the back of the end zone and resulted in a touchback.

Florida would go three and out thanks to a penalty on the subsequent drive — some things never change, I guess — but Tennessee’s futility tonight has been more than enough to help the Gators take a big lead.