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Watch: Florida dominates Tennessee, celebrates in “Gator Rewind”

One of the very best things Florida produces gets a fittingly cool win to showcase.

Florida v Tennessee Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images

I’ve long been on the record that the “Gator Rewind” the crack Florida Gators video staff puts together is one of the absolute best things about Florida’s entire program.

After a 47-21 road win over rival Tennessee, as it turns out, there was plenty of material for a really good six-minute “Gator Rewind.”

Dope things about this edition include:

  • Being able to see Jachai Polite’s “mask off” celebration of the David Reese interception he forced on Tennessee’s first drive.
  • Seeing Feleipe Franks looking deep on what would become the throw to Freddie Swain for Swain’s long catch-and-run touchdown, then resetting his eyes and finding Swain.
  • Dameon Pierce running toward paydirt ... with a very empty Neyland Stadium behind him.
  • Josh Hammond giving an instantly legendary quote to the camera as he high-fives fans: “We take what they want, and we come out with the W. That’s gon’ be the Gator Standard from now on, y’feel me?”
  • Dan Mullen, seconds after telling his players that they scored the most points Florida ever has at Neyland, cautioning them that it won’t always be like this...
  • ...and then Mullen telling them that singing their fight song in an opponent’s locker room after a win is “one of the greatest things ever known”...
  • ...and then the video just including the entire friggin’ fight song.

There are a lot of things wrong with football, sure. And this Florida team may well have found its high-water mark in this win.

But both of those things sure look awesome in the right light.