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Florida vs. Charleston Southern, Quick Rewind: Watch condensed versions of Gators’ opener

A valuable resource.

NCAA Football: Charleston Southern at Florida Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Want to rewatch the Florida Gators’ 53-6 win over Charleston Southern to open the 2018 season? I’m guessing you do.

I mean, maybe. Maybe you don’t like fun things. Whatever.

But if you do, and you’d like to relive the fun of that game, you can do that — and in under an hour. Thanks to the invaluable work of libgator — the originator, none greater — we have condensed versions of the whole game, Florida’s offensive snaps, and Florida’s defensive snaps to rewatch.

Full Game



(In case you’re really dying to see the special teams snaps, I believe that punts are on offense and kickoffs are on defense.)

I have rewatched the game once like this and will be going in for a second rewatch later this afternoon — I may also be working on a certain post that hasn’t been around here for a minute, but was beloved when it was — and I have been able to see certain things that I didn’t catch on first watch. For example: I don’t think Florida’s run blocking was quite as bad as I initially perceived it to be, and I think some of the issues with springing big runs actually had to do with running backs making the wrong reads.

But I’m sure I’ll have more developed thoughts for that feature when I can get it out.