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Florida vs. South Carolina, Game Thread: Will the Gators rebound from their first loss?

The Gators could use a bounce-back game.

Florida v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

So this has been a weird week for me.

Despite my body arguably being recovered from whatever weirdness befell me at Auburn, I’ve basically been tired all week — and that’s true even though I’ve been sleeping something like 10 to 12 hours per day.

So it’s safe to say that, no, my focus has not been on Florida’s game against South Carolina (noon, ESPN or WatchESPN) this week.

Mea culpa on the lack of preview and the missing posts for much of the week. Mea culpa for not saying this before now, either. (And most of all, mea culpa for not actually recruiting those extra writers we need.)

But, if I’m being honest? I could really use Florida winning going away in a fashion that leaves me with mostly obvious things to write about this game. That, and a nap.

In the interest of keeping on predicting things and in hopes that I might, one day, be able to review them, here are my 25 predictions for this game.

  1. Florida will score in the first quarter.
  2. Kyle Trask will throw for more than 250 yards.
  3. Trask will complete a pass of more than 50 yards.
  4. Trask will account for at least three touchdowns.
  5. Emory Jones will throw at least five passes.
  6. Van Jefferson will lead Florida in either catches or receiving yards, but not both.
  7. Kyle Pitts will average under 20 yards per catch.
  8. Florida will rush for more than four yards per carry.
  9. A Florida player will have a run of at least 20 yards.
  10. Florida running backs will combine for more than 90 rushing yards.
  11. Florida will record no more than five tackles for loss.
  12. Florida will record at least two sacks.
  13. A Florida defensive back will be responsible for at least a full sack.
  14. David Reese will lead Florida in tackles.
  15. Either CJ Henderson or Marco Wilson will make a big play.
  16. Florida’s safeties will total more than 10 tackles.
  17. Florida will force at least two turnovers.
  18. Florida will allow points in both halves.
  19. Florida will not allow more than 425 yards.
  20. Florida will allow more than 14 points.
  21. Florida’s defense will allow between 3.0 and 5.5 yards per play.
  22. Both teams will score in double digits.
  23. Florida will lead after halftime.
  24. Florida will cover.
  25. Florida will defeat South Carolina, 31-17, and run its record to 7-1.

Please behave yourselves in the comments.

And as always: Go Gators!