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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. XCVI

A week off sounds perfect not just for the Gators but your author.

Florida v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

So this is a really early Weekly Open Thread.

And I wrote it even earlier that it’s being published!

That’s due to some airport shuttling I’m doing this morning that is likely to have me out of pocket until about noon. The lack of posting on Sunday had lots to do with ... me not wanting to write all 2,000 words I was going to write about that game on Saturday on Sunday. Those are both why this is the only thing you’re seeing between triple zeroes on Saturday and whenever the Monday Afternoon Post goes up.

But this is also a bye week with no game to prepare for or predict on Saturday, and I’m going to try to use this week to get back on the rails. That might mean daily CABs after today; it will definitely mean the return of at least one feature that I really like doing but hate the labor intensitivity of. It can for sure mean the reviewing of applications and emails to contribute to AA, and I may reply to some practically antediluvian emails this week.

For me, getting back on the rails might also mean taking things a bit easy and not worrying quite so much about how I’m going to churn words here. I don’t have a staff; I don’t get actual time off. I need to take vacations when and where I can get them, and this is a moment for that sort of thing.

So mea culpa in advance for whatever huge news breaks six hours before I get around to posting it, and also for jinxing the precipitating incident into being. I know what I’ve done.

Of course, if the Florida Gators were smart and as dedicated to competing for championships as they outwardly seem to be, they might just spend their own bye week grinding on the things they need to do — rehab, cooking lessons, homework, the repair of relationships strained by the season — rather than finding trouble.

That’d be neat.