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Friday Forum: Can Florida win a national championship on its current path?

Florida’s seasons and recruiting have been very good under Dan Mullen. Is that enough?

NCAA Football: Florida at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Hmmm. Five days before Christmas. Friday. Dreary weather in much of the Sunshine State.

Let’s ask one of the most incendiary questions about Florida Gators football possible!

It’s a simple one today: Can Florida win a national championship by simply continuing on its current trajectory?

I know my answer to the question, and I’m willing to give it and explain it at length in the comments; I also know many of you seem to have your own answers, explained at length in an open thread that I really didn’t mean to be the last word on recruiting or anything else this week, but, eh, things happen.

And I’ve certainly seen the same loud voices on social media suggesting that this or that is a glaring liability, and that this or that coach needs to be fired.

But I want you to answer that simple question above with yes or no and supporting reasoning. And I want to be able to engage with the reasoning, one way or another.

So let’s get to talking.