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Florida vs. Virginia, 2019 Orange Bowl game day thread

Ah, the holidays.

Mike Bianchi: Gators better hope Dan Mullen isn’t hired by Cowboys, Jaguars or another desperate NFL team Matias J. Ocner/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

You know what’s fun about living near your parents into semi-adulthood? You end up having the sort of busy schedule during the holidays that makes holding a job you frequently treat as a full-time gig

Add that to a balky air conditioning unit that is picking and choosing when it wants to condition the air, and you end up with the sort of availability and sleep schedule I’ve had for the last week — one that has made scrupulous preparation for this 2019 Orange Bowl between the Florida Gators and Virginia Cavaliers something I have back-burnered.

Yet it’s still coming on this day, at 8 p.m. on ESPN, and it’s going to be a big game for the Gators and Cavs despite my own inability to treat it as such.

So consider this thread an opportunity to get hyped up for it hours ahead of time, as I finally get a chance to prep the sort of content you expect before games ... and also to go to Publix, which I’ve been trying to do for days.

The holidays: Gotta love ‘em!