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Watch: Joakim Noah, Chandler Parsons, Florida football, Mick Hubert react to Gators’ SEC Tournament stunner

This felt big and good. Because it was.

Florida Gulf Coast v Florida Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Florida Gators freshman guard Andrew Nembhard sinking a straightaway three with one second left to beat LSU in the SEC Tournament on Friday may not go down as the moment of the year in Florida athletics, given how many different things happen in one year for the Everything School.

(I mean, we haven’t even written up Florida’s indoor track team winning a national title last weekend — and that’s on us, sure, but it’s also just another great thing of the many to note about Florida’s program.)

But it sure was a moment roundly celebrated by Gator Nation.

Gators greats Joakim Noah and Chandler Parsons were rooting on their Gator Boys as Memphis Grizzlies teammates.

Florida’s football team delayed meetings to catch the last moments of the game.

Florida’s gymnastics team put off practice, if only briefly.

And, of course, legendary Florida announcer Mick Hubert gave a legendary call as only he can:

That shot didn’t win an SEC title; it might not even result in Florida playing for one. It probably got Florida into the NCAA Tournament, but it obviously doesn’t guarantee the Gators a win in March Madness.

What it unquestionably did, though, was brighten the spirits of thousands, if not millions, in Gator Nation. And when we talk about the power of sports, we should remember how wonderful moments like this one feel.