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Chomping at Bits: Florida signee Scottie Lewis puts on dunk contest show

The air up there is rare.

High School Basketball: McDonald’s All American Jamfest Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

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Florida signee Scottie Lewis can maybe actually fly: The New Jersey native would only finish second to Stanford signee Fran Belibi, perhaps the best female dunker ever, at the McDonald’s Jamfest on Monday, but his variety of super-athletic slams showed off his incredible hops and creativity well — and in a year without Belibi, he’d have stolen the show. (Josh Newman, Asbury Park Press)

I mean, the dude windmilled over three people.

What if Lewis could go pro now? Good bet that he would, unless you’re of the opinion that someone saying “I think a lot of guys would make the jump instead of wasting time in college” isn’t revealing of his own plans. He’s a surefire one-and-done player, barring injury. (Josh Newman, Asbury Park Press)

Stellar freshman class, recruits set to pour Florida’s foundation: But, of course, Lewis can’t go directly to the NBA just yet, and so he figures to be part of what could be a very special Florida roster next year led by Andrew Nembhard. (Chris Harry, Florida Gators)

Gators gymnastics sent west for NCAA Regional action: Thank LSU’s astronomical score at Arizona for this! Florida will see Denver, Stanford, and Washington as its primary competition in the Corvallis Regional, while Georgia and LSU — the only teams to top Florida in competition this year — will host their own Regionals. (Mary Howard, Florida Gators)

Florida baseball looks to right ship against Seminoles: Since their stunning comeback against Florida State two weeks ago, the Gators have been bludgeoned by the SEC’s two best teams. (Dan Apple, Florida Gators)