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Florida Gators among 10 college teams featured in Madden 20

You will be able to win the national championship with the Gators in a current video game as of August.

EA Sports

It’s been close to a decade since the demise of the beloved NCAA Football video game franchise. But come Madden NFL 20’s release this summer, you will once again be able to win a national championship with the Florida Gators.

Florida is one of 10 collegiate programs featured in a new Madden mode called Face of the Franchise: QB1, and so will be among the schools players’ quarterback avatars can attend and play for within that mode. Per an EA Sports blog post, that quarterback can then lead his team to a national championship through the College Football Playoff.

First, you choose between ten Division 1 schools. From there you will fill in details about your quarterback and make decisions about what type of quarterback you will be. Up next, you will be competing in the College Football Playoff. You will play up to two full games and your performance will impact your draft stock. Once you play through the College Football Playoff, you will then start the process of the NFL Combine.

EA also released a hype video for the mode itself, which includes quick shots of EA’s presentation of what appears to be last year’s College Football Playoff National Championship, given a brief shot set in Levi’s Stadium.

The other nine schools joining Florida — which, you’ll note, is at the top left of EA’s graphic, because someone at EA is smart — include rivals Florida State, LSU, and Miami, reigning national champion Clemson, Big 12 stalwarts Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech, and the Pac-12’s Oregon and USC.

While it sounds as though you won’t be able to do a whole lot in a Gators uniform in Face of the Franchise — and it appears that the mode is going to be limited to quarterbacks — being able to take a Florida quarterback through an NFL career is surely an opportunity many Florida fans will enjoy, whether by rewriting Tim Tebow’s NFL career or authoring a new one for someone else.

Madden NFL 20 will be released on all platforms on August 2, though options exist that will allow some players access to the game as of late July.