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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. LXXXVI

Don’t like the way things are going with Florida? Wait: They’ll change.

NCAA Football: Florida at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, you don’t need to read “I’m getting to X” in this space — but I’m getting to various things you might call X for the site this week.

  • The first Top Five is concluding today and tomorrow; the second one begins tomorrow.
  • A couple of posts on things that happened over the weekend — in regards to softball and recruiting — are also going up today.
  • I have a couple more posts planned for the middle of the week, including the return of a feature from the fall for Thursday.
  • There are several Gators in the running for individual national championships in various sports this week — you can follow one of them competing for one of those today here and here — and I will probably write up any individual win.

But I’ve been sick and dealing with some real-life stuff and am only really just now getting back to full go, so ... you know how it is.

The other point I wanted to make here is this: About 10 days ago, a dark cloud of doom and gloom had seemed to settle in over Gator Nation. The football program was in apparent disarray (to some, anyway), softball was reeling, baseball was definitely not going to make a postseason run, and nothing was fun.

Today, football just landed two recruits, softball may be the hottest program in the NCAA Tournament entering Super Regional play, baseball is raging against the dying of the light, and there are cool tennis and golf and track stories to dig into, if you’re into them.

If you don’t like what’s happening at the Everything School, give it time: Things will change.