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Join SB Nation’s FanPulse initiative, and make your voice — and ballot — matter

Ever wanted to be a Top 25 voter? Now you can be.

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NCAA Football: Florida at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

I like to think that when we publish things here at Alligator Army — even if that publication schedule can get iffy in the depths of summer — we are taking the temperature of Gator Nation. Is a coach’s seat hot, or on fire? Do fans find this or that thing cool? How confident are you, the fans, in X, Y, or Z?

So I’m excited about what SB Nation is doing by extending its FanPulse initiative to college football — including the SB Nation NCAA Football Top 25. Alligator Army is but one of dozens of great* college blogs in the SB Nation network, and our readership is one of the finest cross-sections of smart, passionate Florida fans that exists.

If you consider yourself among that crew, I encourage you to sign up here to join us on SB Nation FanPulse.

If you sign up, you will be among a vetted group of readers issued a weekly survey of Gators fans developed by SB Nation. The survey will start going out regularly once the season begins, and will be highlighted by a weekly Top 25 ranking by Florida fans. And it won’t be a huge time commitment: This is something that should take at most a few minutes a week to participate in.

But SB Nation wants to build the definitive Top 25 of informed college football fans — and that has to include Florida fans who are intimately familiar with half of the nation’s teams via a sprawling web of rivalries. Your votes will be anonymous, but you’ll get to have your voice heard about which SEC East team that hasn’t won a national title in decades is overrated, and I’ll be participating and writing about my rankings and ours each week.

And the folks at are going to do good work with the national results, and we’re all going to learn a lot about how homerriffic some fan bases are based on the results from other team sites.

We will have more information on the FanPulse initiative as the college football season draws closer, so keep on the lookout for that for now. But also remember this, which I learned well from taking Statistics more than once: You need a large pool of respondents to any survey to come up with a representative sample.

If you want my reasoning for mentioning this repeatedly over the next few weeks, there it is.

* Debatable, but go with it for now?