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Watch: Dan Mullen gives updates on Florida’s status after first practices

If you’re hoping for a lot of insight? Keep hoping.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Florida Gators have been through a full weekend of fall practices, just long enough for it to make sense for Dan Mullen to appear before media members and say words again, as he did last Thursday.

The problem is that Mullen didn’t have a whole lot to say on Monday that he didn’t already say in other words on Thursday.

Mullen did give a couple of substantive updates — four-star signee Arjei Henderson is still finishing up classes, and the bucket hat he wore for the press conference doubles as a rain hat. But the poking and prodding by assembled reporters didn’t yield much from Mullen on this Monday, with his specific comments mostly limited to some notes on Lamical Perine, Jacob Copeland, and Feleipe Franks.

And I’m not transcribing those here because you don’t really need to know the specific verbiage that Mullen used to say that Perine is really good, that Copeland has shaped his body into something impressive, and that Franks has loosened up a bit.

But if you’re into Mullen discussing things like the benefits of being uptight versus loose or the perennial difficulty of discerning which freshmen are struggling while learning the playbook and which are just struggling like freshmen do, or want to hear Mullen stonewall on revealing the players he specifically turns to for leadership — other than Randy Russell, Mullen didn’t give up a single name when asked repeatedly about that — then, hey, this press conference is for you.