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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. LXXXVIII

Après ce, le déluge.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida
Did you know Tommy Townsend changed numbers from 88 to 43 in the middle of last year? I didn’t!
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! The reason you haven’t read a full post by me here at Alligator Army since last Friday was a mostly unplanned and unexpectedly unmooring trip with family that left me largely without time or the will to write over the last four days.

If your position is that that was a bad thing for this blog that I manage, especially given that the Florida Gators season now starts in four friggin’ days: You’re right! And it’s probably also a bad thing that driving someone to the airport is cleaving this Tuesday in two, as well.

But: By tonight, I should be able to once again focus on this impending football season, so you can expect depth chart analysis, a Tuesday Buffet (probably no earlier than like 5 p.m., but whatever, there are dinner buffets), and the beginning of a flurry of those “top five” posts I promised this summer but never actually published.

(And you’ll get the reasoning for that preview series short-circuiting on Friday in a post that I’ve been dreading writing all summer.)

The most important thing to know right now, though, is that I’m back on solid ground when it comes to writing here — while also being once more reminded that I need help, and should be pointing to that Help Wanted sign we have up basically daily.

If you have emailed at any point regarding an Alligator Army gig in the last, say, two years, I’ll be emailing you by the close of the business day on Wednesday, and you are very much in consideration for a spot on staff. But if you really want said gig, follow the instructions for emailing in that linked post and also send your own ~400-word writing sample (if you need inspiration, consider rewriting any Alligator Army post from, eh, last November in your own style) and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

The person(s) I’m looking to bring on immediately will be filling a paid position(s).

But whether or not that person is brought on immediately, I’ll also be thrilled to be actually writing again. It’s been a while — too long — and I shouldn’t have left you.