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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. LXXXIX

So having a Week One bye is gonna be weird.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 24 Camping World Kickoff - Florida v Miami Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Saturday night, I was up late contemplating what I was going to write about that insane game we watched together. On Sunday morning, I woke up early and wrote it.

On Sunday night, I was up late because I didn’t feel great; this morning, I woke up more than once because I didn’t feel great. I probably won’t be writing anything besides this today as a result, which I apologize for but really can’t avoid.

It’s probably just as well, as there isn’t that much going on — Gator Band director Jay Watkins being attacked by a Miami fan in an egregious enough bit of fan dumbness for Florida State’s band director to speak out against it aside — in the world of Florida sports today. Dan Mullen’s usual Monday press conference is happening Wednesday with no opponent to prepare for this weekend, and that’s when we’ll get any status updates on suspended or injured players. There’s a game to further analyze, sure, but I’ve only rewatched it once, and not with the focus I want before writing more. And Florida soccer’s uneven start to the season — having to go to overtime to take down Florida Atlantic but putting up a 2-0 win over USF — deserves more than just this sentence here.

But I’m running on like six hours of genuine sleep in the last 48, and I definitely need more than that to write words I’m proud of — and I also need some sleep and rest in case I’m spending energy preparing for a hurricane in the next week.

So, y’know, talk amongst yourselves today. Please behave. Mourn the premature death of the Feleipe Franks for Heisman campaign that other teams’ fans apparently thought Florida fans were launching this summer, unbeknownst to at least this Florida fan.

And, hey: Remember that Florida is one of just two 1-0 teams in college football.

That’s neat!