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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. XCII

To look forward or look back?

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I find the middle of the week in the midst of football season pretty challenging, at least when it comes to writing things for publication here at Alligator Army.

It’s no secret — or at least any person here who is reading this should know this, at this point — that I’m not in Gainesville to gather quotes and intel on the Florida Gators, and so can’t write the sorts of articles that you see from other outlets with a narrative wrapped around a question asked of Dan Mullen at a Monday press conference.

I don’t often post those press conferences as standalone content — though I have — because the presser itself, under Mullen, isn’t newsy. (Interesting? Yeah. I’d say each Mullen presser interests me because he’s thoughtful when responding to questions. But that’s not always worth writing up.)

And it’s not often that there’s something from the game itself that I feel like editorializing on, with this week’s Brian Griese stuff being an exception.

So I’m often caught between writing something analytical looking back at last week’s game, writing something analytical looking forward, and something completely for fun ... and, too often, have just not written anything as a result. (That was the case last Thursday, and yesterday.) I don’t like that, and I’m hoping to change that — and if you are interested in helping me change it, I remind you that there are positions open! — but I wanted to acknowledge it publicly and apologize for it.

I also want to put this to you: As of Wednesday during the fall, should Alligator Army be posting more on last week’s game or this week’s game? Would you rather read a Theater of Operations-style piece (whoa, blast from the past, right?) on Kentucky or Tennessee at this point? I’m curious, and will use this feedback to guide me.