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Chomping at Bits: Dan Mullen knows Florida’s offensive line must improve

There was no mincing words about it after Saturday’s game against Towson.

Tennessee v Florida Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Chomping at Bits comes stocked with the best Florida Gators links and news we can find, and maybe some other stuff. Here’s hoping it will be daily through the rest of football season.

Dan Mullen knows offensive line needs improvement: “They go, ‘Coach, I’m working.’ No, you’re not, obviously you’re not, because if you were working, we wouldn’t have missed assignments, so what you’re doing is not enough.” Strong words there for a unit that needs to step up. (Scott Carter, Florida Gators)

Florida falls to No. 10 in AP Poll: You may have noted that I’m only writing up the SB Nation FanPulse poll this year. That is 1) because SB Nation pays me money to write words and 2) because if I’m going to be writing up mostly meaningless polls each week, it’ll be ones that you readers and I are voting in. (Will Pantages, Florida Gators)

Pete Alonso breaks MLB rookie record with 53rd homer: He also led the majors with that total, becoming the first rookie to do so. Best MLB season by a former Florida Gator ever? Probably depends on whether Al Rosen counts and/or whether David Eckstein’s (or David Ross’s) postseason heroics matter more than season-long dominance. (Brian Salvatore, Amazin Avenue)

Christian Taylor edges Will Claye for triple jump gold at World Championships: An epic, decade-spanning rivalry that Taylor seems to prevail in at all the right times got another stirring chapter on Sunday. (Zach Dirlam, Florida Gators)

Florida soccer takes down defending SEC champion: After a rough start against a rugged non-conference slate, Florida is 3-0 in SEC play, and 2-0 on the road. (Mary Howard, Florida Gators)

Gators volleyball rallies to down Georgia: The same “non-con struggles before SEC dominance” story might be volleyball’s narrative template, too. (Katie Callahan, Florida Gators)

Florida baseball, softball announce equipment deals: This is interesting, as a) I’m not sure who was supplying balls, bats, and gloves prior to this year, though Nick De La Torre says Easton and reveals an unflattering tidbit about the company’s gloves and b) this sure seems like a rare unedited press release being posted on the Florida website. (UAA Staff)

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