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Florida’s gorgeous 1994 throwback basketball shorts are finally for sale

The best part of the Gators’ recent retro look can now be yours.

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While the Florida Gators men’s basketball team has not always been the most successful program under Mike White, one of the most popular events in recent memory was a White-era development: The debut of sweet retro throwback uniforms that called back to Florida’s 1993-94 team and its unprecedented Final Four run.

But when those uniforms arrived last year, and were made available to the public to buy (along with t-shirts), there was still something missing: The awesome shorts.

I do have one gripe, though: Why can’t I buy the shorts?

I’m not quite out of the age range for wearing basketball jerseys in public, even if that’s not my style, but there really isn’t an age range for wearing basketball shorts, which are comfortable even when they aren’t as stylish as these are. And while I would really not wear a retro jersey to hoop in, I might do that for shorts.

My guess is that it’s too late for this set of shorts to get sold, as these throwbacks are among a series of other throwbacks (all for Nike/Jordan schools) that will be worn this month, and none of those marketing materials would appear to include images of shorts for sale.

Still, I would hope that Florida (and Jordan and Nike) take this feedback to heart: If you are going to put a basketball team in a very cool uniform, sell the shorts! They will be bought!

I’m pleased to report that is no longer the case, as there are now Jordan Brand throwback shorts from those 1994 Final Four uniforms for sale.

These shorts appear to be available in every (men’s) size from small to XXL, and are — to my eye — even nicer than the jerseys, thanks to the waistband and hem stripes and the large block F on their blue field. Plus, basketball shorts remain pretty utilitarian past the age of 25, which isn’t exactly something you can say for jerseys.

Acting quickly could also save you some serious scratch on these: It appears that Fanatics is running a code this Wednesday that knocks 25 percent off the (admittedly steep) retail price of $80, getting them down to $60. For Nike/Jordan replica quality, that’s about as good as prices get, barring an unforeseen clearance deal.