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Florida vs. Alabama, SEC Championship Game, Game Thread: The road forks

Florida could take the road everyone expects — or the one to glorious chaos.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 19 SEC Championship Game - Alabama v Florida Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Florida Gators face a fork in the road in the SEC Championship Game (8 p.m., CBS or on this Saturday.

Down one path is the predictable outcome: The Gators getting beaten by a better Alabama team that has more talent arrayed out its quarterback and in a starring role on it offense and a defense with fewer leaks than any other outfit in college football. This is the road that is far more likely for the Gators to tread, through no fault of their own: Alabama might just tug them down it, no matter what they do.

But the other fork yields such an interesting mess. Maybe Kyle Trask balls out and wrests the Heisman from Devonta Smith and Mac Jones. Maybe Kyle PItts leaves a lasting impression as the best player in college football this fall. Maybe Florida — two-loss Florida, threw-a-shoe-and-lost-to-LSU Florida — does enough to topple mighty Alabama that this College Football Playoff selection ends up feeling insoluble in a reasonable way, and the Gators end up as a surprise selection or a snub for the ages.

That road seems more interesting to me.

The choice is yours, Gators. Go make whichever one you can.