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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CXX

I’m pronouncing CXX like Dave Chappelle pronounced fifth.

Florida vs Tennessee Photo by Tim Casey/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Yeah, I know posting has been scarce here this week. Sorry: There have been multiple COVID-related health complications — no one close to me has it, but there was a confirmed exposure and some testing — and some ramifications of them, and I also frankly didn’t have a ton to say about the Tennessee game as of Monday.

I do have the framework of a Takeaways post that I could fashion into publication-ready form for this afternoon, but I’ve also got ideas about the LSU game, and it’s late enough in the week to be transitioning from one to the other, as far as I’m concerned. Y’all can let me know in the comments whether you’d still read the Takeaways or they can be scrapped.

Also, as ever, the weeks when football and men’s basketball overlap are kind of crazy, and I want to step up our women’s basketball coverage this year — not just because this team seems like it could be pretty good. Knowing what level of detail you want from coverage of each of these beats would be helpful.

Other than that: How are y’all holding up? Are you as stoked as I am to kick this stupid year out of our proverbial house?