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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CI

Well, it’s 9 a.m. somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Florida v Kentucky
Volume CI. Get it?
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

If you sincerely believed in my ability to get posts up at 9 a.m. consistently: I appreciate the belief, and also the inevitable chuckles when it lasted almost a week. (That said, I do expect to be back on that schedule as of tomorrow.)

The purpose of this Weekly Open Thread on weeks when I don’t really have a ton to say or any programming changes to note or anything to flog — still hiring, though! — is just to be a place to congregate, I imagine, and somewhere to talk about what’s going on in Gator Nation and even the rest of the world.

So I could tell you that I’m hoping to start a roster/recruiting review series this week, with a post per position per day, but I also don’t want to make any promises.

I could also ask you questions about coverage. We’re heading into the backstretch of the winter sports season — which might be a blessing in disguise in regards to basketball — and the spring sports will be at full whir in about two weeks, so we might need to start triaging which sports should get first cuts at coverage here. Is gymnastics, seemingly steaming towards an eventual Super Six showdown with Oklahoma, something you want more on? Sam could probably manage that. Do you want weekly or series-by-series coverage of baseball and softball? How about track?

But I would asking those knowing my own bandwidth remains limited.

So it might, overall, be better for me to just ask questions unrelated to the Gators. For example: Did you see Parasite? I haven’t, and I didn’t watch a minute of the Oscars, but I might carve out some time to go see it this week, and not just because it won everything.

What’s on y’all’s minds?