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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. C

One hunnid.

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

You know how I had it planned that Volume 100 of the Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread was going to be the first one of 2020, for symmetry’s sake?

Well, this is the first one of 2020. It’s just not coming in the first week of 2020.


In any case: I also wanted to use this, as I have so many Weekly Open Threads in the recent past, to make public some programming notes I’m going to make.

First: Barring any significant staffing changes, Chomping at Bits is going to shift to a Tuesday and Thursday schedule for the rest of the football offseason. There simply isn’t enough Florida-related non-subscription stuff for me to link on every weekday for me to want to churn out a link dump every night and/or early morning, and I don’t want to start throwing in too many non-Gators links and making those comments sections battlegrounds — for political talk or otherwise — on a daily basis. (We’ll still have discussions, trust.)

Second: It is my intent to supplement that Chomping at Bits schedule with other posts that drop every weekday at 9 a.m. Eastern. On Mondays, that’ll be a Weekend Review (which you’ve seen versions of for years) of the previous weekend in the Florida Gators universe. On Wednesdays, I think that’s going to be either a Midweek Musings column of sorts or the Weekly Recon post focusing on other teams that you’ve seen intermittently on Thursdays; I’m not sure yet, and I’ll take suggestions. And on Fridays, it’ll be the Friday Forum — a discussion-based post framed around one central question or topic.

It’s my hope that these posts will be individually better for our coverage of Florida, yes, but also — and maybe more importantly — my hope that they will finally give you all some semblance of a schedule when it comes to a static series of posts, something I’ll freely admit that I’ve struggled with for the better part of two or three years. (Miss you, leli!) If nothing else, you should have something to riff on at 9 a.m. Eastern every weekday.

Finally: Yes, we are still looking for contributors, and yes, I do still owe a fair few people emails in regards to their interest.

I will say that people who can contribute (and/or are interested in) both straight news writeups and opinion pieces are going to pique my interest more than people who just want to use Alligator Army as a platform to push their opinions, however outlandish and indefensible they might be. (Not that anyone’s ever done that.) But I also want a spectrum of opinions to be represented in spots other than the comments here, rather than just mine; I want to be able to have roundtables and group previews and so forth. So if your opinion or background differs from mine, you’re especially encouraged to apply.

Beyond that for today? There’s a Weekend Review coming, and I might get around to a specific post on tight ends coach Larry Scott reportedly leaving for Howard and candidates to take his spot, but it’s more likely that I roll the latter into the former. Expect that this afternoon.

Oh, and congratulations to Demarcus Robinson, whose Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV and rescued us from what was a pretty underwhelming affair with a fourth-quarter rally for the ages. There will be some thoughts about that in the Weekend Review.