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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CV

Two teams, two trajectories.

Covering men’s basketball is something I’m contractually obligated to do for Alligator Army. It’s been in my (freelance) contract for years; that’s why you get a game thread and a recap for every men’s basketball game.

But covering that men’s basketball team this year has occasionally been as frustrating for me — or more — than it seems to have been for the Florida fans following it. The maddening inconsistency on the floor and the unshakable beliefs of intransigent fans off of it have made for stultifying discourse time and again.

Covering baseball is not something I’m contractually obligated to do, nor is it really something that I try to go out of my way to do. You get occasional baseball coverage here — and would have gotten a recap of tonight’s Florida-FSU game whether or not Florida was No. 1 and undefeated — and I can’t really promise more until the Gators of the diamond(s) are the only ones taking the field.

But this Florida baseball team is already special, and may be more so. It lacks some of the star power of years past, but may be more balanced as a result. If its front-line starters are going to be as good all year as they have looked during an unprecedented unbeaten start, this team is very likely going to be championship-caliber.

One of these teams is at the most crucial point in its season. The other is just getting started. One should have more eyeballs on it because of its sport’s prominence. The other should generate more shares because winning almost always does.

So which do I focus on more and churn out more content about for these next few weeks — while I’m, as ever, not going to spring football practices and not putting much stock in the reports from them?

It’s a conundrum, right?