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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CIV

No, this isn’t about Civilization. Unless you want it to be!


These Weekly Open Threads are easier to write up when there’s a real hook to them. But even with CIV in the title here, I don’t have one this week: I haven’t played Civilization in years despite loving Civ II to an unreasonable degree as a kid, and I’ve never been to the venerable Gainesville restaurant of the same name, partly because I think its location is meant to make it all but impossible for people under 35 to visit.

Talking about Western civilization as a whole also seems like a dicey prospect.

But one thing I do want to discuss this morning and this week is doing more discussing of things during mornings and the work week. EnerJi brought up a really good point about me posting men’s hoops game threads basically at tipoff instead of 15 or 30 minutes beforehand last week, and I listened and got one up slightly earlier for the Tennessee game on Saturday ... only for that game to turn into the sort of frustrating one in which boobirds generally dominate the discussion.

I also got an email — at a very unusual hour — about my review of Wendy’s breakfast over the weekend, one in which the emailer lamented not being able to immediately comment on the post. That’s something that has been true for the majority of the time I’ve been here at Alligator Army — new commenters must wait out a 24-hour period before being able to post comments, something that cuts down on spamming and trolling — but it doesn’t have to be true, so long as we can self-police, and eliminating that barrier to entry might help more new commenters come to our community.

And, finally, it stuck with me this week that there was a Florida lacrosse match happening during the middle of the day in the middle of the week. That would be a fun thing to follow and/or watch and comment on togehter here, I think, but maybe not something meriting a full post. But where would be best to have an ongoing chat about an event like that? In a thread under this post? A separate thread for weekday games?

As usual, I come to you with all these questions and thoughts not because I have some concrete plans in mind, but because I’m working on those plans and welcome feedback. Let me know what you think about any or all of the above.