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Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin reveals past COVID-19 diagnosis

Stricklin suggested he was being careful, but said his case produced only mild symptoms.

University of Florida Introduces Dan Mullen Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Florida Gators athletic director Scott Stricklin tested positive for COVID-19 in June but had only mild symptoms, he revealed in a Zoom call with media members on Tuesday.

Stricklin revealing a positive coronavirus test and symptoms suffered, which he told University Athletic Association staff about on Monday, makes him the most prominent person connected to Florida athletics to have publicly revealed either thing.

Most other people in Gator Nation affected by the disease — like the 29 players who tested positive of 238 in total tested that Stricklin told reporters about on the call, none of whom have identified themselves — have been silent about it. The most prominent case to touch Florida, then, is that of Stuart Hall, the father of current Florida soccer player Cameron Hall, who went through a public fight with the disease from late March to early May. (While comments from Cameron Hall suggest she did not contract the disease, she has been quite vocal about her feelings on the virus and efforts to stop it on social media since her father’s near-death experience.)

29 players having tested positive for coronavirus is also up significantly from the 11 players Florida confirmed as having tested positive on June 23.

It is not clear whether these positive tests were for current COVID-19 infections or for antibodies related to the virus that would indicate a past infection; some reporting of test results has commingled results from the two separate categories.