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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CXIV we’re actually doing this, huh?

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Florida vs Virginia Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I genuinely haven’t let myself believe that we’re actually getting significant major-college football this year until just now. And I still don’t think we’re going to get a full season, or one that anyone serious will consider anything but an anomaly and outlier when panning back to 2020 in a decade or three: This will, like the full seasons disrupted by World Wars I and II or team seasons interrupted or impacted by tragedy (think 1970 Marshall or 1999 Texas A&M), be remembered as a footnote for a year much bigger than the sporting events that were somehow staged during its run.

But I do think, now more than ever, that we’re going to start. Even if it’s the wrong idea — even if it’s the right idea but being pursued for the wrong reasons — we’re going to start.

And so I turn to you, people who have read precious few words about this Florida Gators team this offseason around these parts (and even fewer outside of conditional tense), and ask: Where would you like me to start with the abbreviated season preview I’m going to throw together over the next 11 — hey, Kyle Trask wears 11! — days?

I have some ideas, and I know I’m going to hit on a couple of our time-honored traditions (Win Shares, for one), but I really am more open to anything than ever, as I will freely admit that I’m flummoxed in some regards by how to even go about being concrete, much less confident, about an endeavor I’m strongly convinced is being built on shifting sands.

Should I be scrutinizing depth above all else, or pointing out what would be the worst possible losses at the worst possible junctures? Should I keep writing with would and could, or swap to will even if I think that’s going to be proven wrong? Should I focus on the hopes I have — and that I know many of you share — for everything that could be available to this team if everything breaks right?

Y’all are, as ever, the audience. (Though I’ll remind you that you could be writing to it, too!) I want to know what you want, and I confess that I don’t have the same grasp on that in this blighted year as I think I’ve had in years past.

Lemme know, y’know?