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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CXV

Here’s what you can (loosely) expect this fall.

NCAA Football: Florida at Louisiana State Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

I know I’ve used this space to ask y’all a lot of questions to date this year — not sorry about that! — but this week is one in which I have actual programming updates to share.

Here’s what I transparently hope the next 11 weeks are going to look like around these parts.


~9 a.m.: Weekly Open Thread
~Noon: Florida vs. Opponent, Field Report
~Afternoon: Florida vs. Opponent, Depth Charting
~Afternoon: Dan Mullen presser video post

I know that Mondays are going to be somewhat difficult for me, especially as I switch gears from largely taking weekends off for the last several months, so you can expect that the Weekly Open Thread will be largely a place for y’all to congregate and the Field Report is likely to be a fairly shallow look at some of the elements of the week’s matchup on both sides.

I expect Florida to continue its customary noon-hour Monday press conferences with Dan Mullen (and for them to be live-streamed on YouTube) and to release depth charts at some point on Monday, and I’ll endeavor to get posts on both of those up by the end of Monday.


~9 a.m.: Chomping at Bits
~Noon: The Tuesday Top Five
~Afternoon (after Week 1): RETURN OF MYSTERY POST


~9 a.m.: Chomping at Bits
~Noon: Weekly Win Shares
~Afternoon: Midweek Musings


~9 a.m.: Chomping at Bits
~Noon: Weekly Recon
~Afternoon: Florida vs. Opponent, Intel Gathering


~9 a.m.: Friday Forum
~10 a.m.: Florida vs. Opponent, Preview
~Noon: Friday Foofaraw
~Afternoon: Florida vs. Opponent, 25 Predictions


~10 a.m.: Florida vs. Opponent, Game Thread OR Week X Open Thread
End of game: Florida XX, Opponent YY
After game: Florida vs. Opponent, Saturday Wrap
After game (if necessary): Week X Open Thread


~Morning: Florida vs. Opponent, Predictions Review
~Early afternoon: Florida vs. Opponent, Sunday Rundown

This is, yes, quite a bit more than what you’ve seen around here of late — and I am, yes, currently planning on putting this all together by my lonesome. (Unless!) But I’m well aware that abiding by a schedule is the best way of doing the work I’m tasked with doing for SB Nation here, and I’m hopeful that this is slightly less daunting in practice than it seems on paper — and possibly that I will find a groove despite still hobbling around like Quasimodo and getting a random number of hours of sleep between three and six in a random number of stints from one to three over the course of my days.

Any and all feedback (and help) is, as always, welcome.