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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CXVI

We’re back! For real!

NCAA Football: Florida at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

We made it through the first weekend of SEC football, but Georgia didn’t lose. Can’t have everything, I guess.

I’ve got a few recap posts coming, but I’ve also been falling asleep sitting up since Saturday afternoon — including while writing the recap, which ... was not great — and really need to get myself back to some semblance of sanity on that front.

So there will (obviously) be scheduling tweaks for this week, and I want to ask you all to rank the following posts in order of importance to you:

  • Theater of Operations (which was, yes, the mystery post I hinted at returning last week)
  • ________ Rundown
  • A Field Report for South Carolina
  • Weekly Win Shares
  • Weekly Recon
  • A post with insight from South Carolina writers

We’ll have some — maybe all — of the above this week, as well as a contribution or two from a new writer (!), but I need to triage things, and y’all can help with that.