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Florida vs. Ole Miss, The Gator Rewind: “It’s gon’ be a scary season”

Florida’s official look back at the week that was remains one of the best things about every football season.

NCAA Football: Florida at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Gators-produced recap of the week that was, the Gator Rewind, remains one of my very favorite things about every fall. And this year’s first installment doesn’t disappoint.

A rundown of what caught my eye:

  • Kyle Trask, after the first drive: “We too prepared for these boys!” Adorable.
  • Ventrell Miller’s whip-down sack of Matt Corral wasn’t that far from jerking the ball out of Corral’s arms for a fumble.
  • Brenton Cox Jr. got some incredible air on the batted ball that ended up in Gervon Dexter’s mitts. It looks like he’s at least two full feet off the ground from the field-level angle Florida presents here. (There’s also a shot of Cox in the background of Evan McPherson’s long field goal attempt in which he’s standing next to David Reese — listed at 6’2”, 241 pounds — and makes Reese look relatively puny. The guy might just be a monster.)
  • Trevon Grimes did some nice work with his hands to get free at the top of the route on his touchdown catch. It’s the sort of play that’s probably technically offensive pass interference, but gets flagged as such maybe 25 percent of the time.
  • Tweeted this on Saturday, but Kadarius Toney did a fine job of catching his touchdown pass with his hands; what I didn’t give him as much credit for on that play is creating as much space as he did. Toney could’ve slowed up and Trask could’ve thrown a lesser ball and that play still would’ve been six points.
  • A fair bit was made about Dameon Pierce blowing up a blitzer on the long touchdown ball to Kyle Pitts, and that’s part of this video. But Malik Davis gets a really nice block on the edge on the corner route to Pitts just before halftime.
  • Pitts, after his catch-and-run: “It’s gon’ be a scary season.”
  • Pierce on Pitts after his TD snatch between two defenders: “That man a freak. He a freak of nature.” Trask, seconds later: “He too big! He too big!”
  • And then a memorable whiteboard message: “Pitts is done for the DAY!”