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Florida vs. LSU, Film Room: Anthony Richardson stars, Tigers counter with Counter

Florida found offensive excellence at Tiger Stadium behind its rising star at QB — but Counter was just about all LSU needed to counter that development.

Florida v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

This has been one of the stranger seasons of Florida Gators football.

The Gators have already lost three games, with a fourth loss likely on the way. But the Gators have had a positive win expectancy in every game this season — even this past week, against LSU, Florida had a 51% post game win expectancy based on the stats.

They say great teams can win in multiple ways. This season, Florida has shown that it can lose in multiple ways. The Gators defense played great against Kentucky while the offense stalled. The Florida offense put up 42 points against a bad LSU team, but the defense couldn’t stop the run. Against Alabama, a slow start by both offense and defense set the Gators up slightly too far back to make a fully-fledged comeback.

And speaking of slow starts and the defense, the Gators’ defense took advantage of a slow start by LSU, then never seemed to come up with a counter for, well ... Counter. (Sadly, this isn’t the first time — note the dates on these tweets.)

In the video below, I focus on the counter run game, and the wrinkles LSU used to run all over the Florida defense.

Offensively, there was some good and some bad. A lot of the good came from the arm and legs of Anthony Richardson. I take a closer look at how Florida unleashed Richardson schematically, and some other wrinkles I enjoyed from Dan Mullen and staff.