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Florida vs. Georgia, Film Room: Can you beat the amazing Dawgs defense? If so, how?

The greatest challenge in college football this year is matching up to Georgia’s defense. How might Florida do it?

Kentucky Wildcats v Georgia Bulldogs Photo by Steven Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

With no game to review coming off the bye week, I thought I would turn my attention towards this weekend’s game. It is no secret that Georgia’s defense has been unbelievable. They lead or are in the top five of almost every important statistical category. Traditional metrics and advanced metrics both point to the Bulldogs’ defense being truly elite.

Florida will, however, be the best offense that Georgia has faced this year. Will the Gators be able to move the ball on Saturday? What can Dan Mullen and staff do to generate some big plays?

I reached out to one of the best defensive minds I know, Riley Reed, to discuss the Bulldogs. Riley is the defensive coordinator and safeties coach at Union County High School, and worked with the Florida football team in his time as a student at UF. He has also been all over the Southeast to talk with a variety of college staffs, including the Georgia defensive staff.

In the video below, he gives us some good insight into what the Dawgs do to make offenses struggle. Riley and I also discuss what we may see from the Gators to counteract this elite Georgia defense.