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Florida vs. Georgia, Game Thread: Shock the world?

Is Florida turning to an electric backup quarterback going to make way for a shocker?

Florida v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Well, we’re getting something we want in Jacksonville. And we’re sure to learn soon whether the Gators are on par with the presumptive best team in the country — or anywhere close.

I have to think, though, that my alma mater and many of yours doing something reprehensible is probably going to overshadow even this titanic game for some — or many. So I apologize if my heart isn’t really in covering this one.

Here are 10 predictions for Florida’s game against Georgia.

  1. Anthony Richardson will account for at least 200 yards of total offense.
  2. Anthony Richardson will throw 20 or more passes.
  3. Florida will gain at least 100 rushing yards.
  4. Florida will score more than 14 points.
  5. Jacob Copeland will lead Florida in catches.
  6. Florida’s defense will force a turnover.
  7. Florida will allow fewer than 40 points.
  8. Florida’s defense will not allow more than 6.0 yards per play.
  9. The game will be within one possession for at least some portion of the fourth quarter.
  10. Georgia will defeat Florida, 31-24.