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Who could fit as Florida’s defensive coordinator and offensive line coaches?

This isn’t a hot board — and Florida needs to consider fit, not just names, if this is the route it chooses.


Well, I didn’t think anybody wanted to revisit the South Carolina debacle. And I also deduced that Samford isn’t the type of opponent people were dying to see previewed —though, and I swear I wrote this last week, the Bulldogs’ head coach is Hal Mumme/Mike Leach disciple Chris Hatcher, and they have a pretty cool offense.

So I decided to focus last week’s video (which is only getting published now because your editor was out of commission for the back half of last week — Andy) on one of the most talked about issues in Florida Gators fandom: The two newly open positions on the coaching staff.

I once again welcome Riley Reed to go through some candidates for both positions. Riley is a defensive coordinator at Union County High School, and knows these coaches through not only their schemes, but also some personal interactions.

If you watched the Georgia preview he hopped on for previously, you know Riley knows what he’s talking about. He showed us some of the blitzes and schemes Georgia used to generate those game-changing turnovers before the game. I think he provides an insight as a coach on the ground in the state that you won’t find in many other places.

As far as the candidates, Riley and I agreed on a few qualities the candidates should possess. The most important quality is recruiting ability. The hire at either position doesn’t have top be the greatest recruiter of all time, but they must be a plus in that department. Florida is not in a position to waste any new hires on guys that add nothing on the trail.

Also important is scheme variety and adaptability. If you do the same things over and over, it typically catches up with you.

And finally, some previous ties to the region would be helpful. Having more coaches with ready-made ties to your biggest recruiting areas can really help these guys hit the ground running.

The list we put together isn’t just who we think is most likely to be hired. We discuss a variety of names for both positions. Some you are hearing a lot; others you probably haven’t heard before. We give statistical and salary information as well so you can see which guys may be most likely to make the jump to Florida. Check it out below.