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Video: Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin addresses firing of Dan Mullen

Stricklin had plenty to say about Florida’s football program — and not much to say about women’s basketball.

Florida v Tennessee Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images

Hours after Florida’s announcement of the firing of Dan Mullen on Sunday, Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin took to a podium and answered questions via Zoom from the assembled Gators beat for about half an hour.

To the bullet points!

  • Stricklin said he came to the decision to fire Mullen on Sunday morning, not on Saturday night or immediately after Florida’s loss to Missouri
  • Stricklin emphasized that the aim is for Florida to build something “sustainable” and have “sustained success.”
  • Mullen was asked if he wanted to coach Florida through this Saturday’s game against Florida State, and, per Stricklin, thought about it but declined, fearing he would be a distraction for the team heading into the game.
  • Pressed for details on why he thought Florida needed to make a change, Stricklin alluded to internal observations but largely demurred instead of making those public.
  • Mullen will receive his full $12 million buyout, with Stricklin saying Florida will “execute his contract as written” and affirming that there was no negotiation to reduce the buyout.
  • Stricklin said there is no timetable on hiring Florida’s next coach, but alluded to a preference for hiring sooner than later.
  • Stricklin said that Florida will avail itself of all resources in its search for its next coach; asked the obvious follow-up about whether it would hire a coaching search firm, Stricklin reiterated the intent to use all resources rather than rejecting the possibility.
  • Asked by Zach Goodall about whether he had any comment on Cydnee Kinslow’s allegations of abuse by former women’s basketball coach Cam Newbauer, Stricklin simply said “I do not.” Pressed by Goodall on whether higher-ups had given Stricklin confidence that he will be allowed to hire Mullen’s successor, he was equally succinct: “They have.”