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Florida vs. Georgia, Film Room: How the Dawgs turned the tide with a tsunami

A “three-minute nightmare” provided all the cushion Georgia would need in Jacksonville — and then some.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

A football game can change in an instant. One play can shift the momentum. Playing against momentum can feel like swimming against a strong current.

As a coach, you’re always trying to find ways to generate that one play. And if you can generate more than one or two of those plays consistently, you will win many games.

Last Saturday, Georgia was able to produce more of those momentum-shifting plays than Florida. In the last three minutes of the first half, Georgia’s momentum became a tidal wave that washed away any hope of a Florida upset.

For this week’s film review, I’m going to take a closer look at that game-changing three minute stretch. Outside of that time span, the game was pretty tight — but that last sentence has a real “Other than that, how was the play, Mrs, Lincoln?” energy. That three minutes was catastrophic and totally changed the tenor of the game.

So what exactly went wrong for Florida? Let’s go through that three-minute nightmare.