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Video: Billy Napier gives first press conference as Florida head coach

Florida’s new head man spoke at length about the program he wants to build in Gainesville.

Florida Introduces Billy Napier as Head Football Coach Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Florida Gators fans had to wait a little longer than some to see their football team’s new head coach behind a logo-adorned lectern in school colors, thanks to Billy Napier staying with the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns through their Sun Belt Conference Championship Game victory over Appalachian State on Saturday.

But Napier arrived on Sunday and gave his first and introductory press conference in the late afternoon — after a whirlwind tour of Gainesville’s finest airport, street corner, photo facility, and more — and laid out his vision for the Gators.

Here is where I caveat this: I purposefully didn’t listen to or watch this live except for about 15 seconds to see how Napier physically looked. And while I was on Twitter to see plenty of the quotes, I did not live-tweet it or read too much into them, either.

I will watch it in full tonight, but I want to be able to give my opinions on this moment as close to without influence from other thoughts as I can, and doing so asynchronously is the best way I have to do it.

So expect my thoughts tomorrow — but feel free to share yours below.