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Homefield’s Florida collection is (finally) here, and it’s wonderful

If you’ve been dreaming of high-quality vintage-inspired Florida Gators shirts, the day you’ve been dreaming of has come.

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For so, so many months, Florida Gators fans have watched with envy.

Alabama. Michigan. Colorado School of the Mines. Illinois State. LSU. Notre Dame. Tennessee. Texas. UConn. Even that school out west.

But now it is our hour, and Homefield Apparel has Florida Gators shirts. Finally.

The release — a 15-shirt collection of short- and long-sleeve tees and hoodies — is live as of noon on this Saturday, and the offerings dig deep into Florida history for a spectrum of shirts that reflect some of the coolest traditions and history we have as Gators?

The Fun ‘n Gun? Represented. Fighting Gators? Present. The beloved Pell Shield? Absolutely. Gators with stiff-arm out and helmet on? Definitely. “We Are the Boys”? You bet.

It’s possible that not every one of these shirts is going to be for you — but given the sheer number of designs available and Homefield’s commitment to using premium materials to put together soft, comfortable shirts, I have a hard time believing that there isn’t at least one shirt here for everyone in Gator Nation.

The Homefield x Florida collection is now live over at Homefield. Using code ALLIGATORARMY will get you 15 percent off of new orders, and you can also get free shipping on orders over $70.

Let us know what you’re picking up in the comments!