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Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel get fantastic Florida Ring of Honor bobbleheads

Some of the best collectibles ever for Florida fans? Maybe!


Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel are two of the three Heisman Trophy-winning Florida Gators quarterbacks immortalized in bronze on the west side of The Swamp.

If you’ve ever wanted a bobblehead version of either of them to throw on a desk, mantel, or shelf, this Friday is absolutely your day, thanks to FOCO, which has just released limited edition bobbleheads of both Spurrier and Wuerffel that I have to admit are among my favorite pieces of Florida memorabilia — ever.


The details on these are straight-up superb, with ol’ Steve Superior and Danny Wuerffel in period-appropriate Gators uniforms, each figure — they’re eight inches tall, for the record — standing on a tiny podium decorated with Florida’s Ring of Honor logo (which also appears on the reverse side of the backdrop), a framed jersey making up part of the backdrop for the figurines, and even, to quote the product listing “blue gator skin-textured accents on top of base to turn your collection into The Swamp.”

Though the likenesses on these aren’t something that FOCO brags about in the listing, I think the facial details might be the most outstanding element of each figurine: Spurrier’s grin-slash-grimace is on full display, with his distinctive cheeks captured beautifully, and the beaming smile I associate with Wuerffel is depicted almost uncannily well.

If it wasn’t obvious, these are hand-crafted, hand-painted, and highly limited — only 504 pieces of both the Spurrier bobblehead and the Wuerffel bobblehead will be made available. (No, I don’t think the 504 number — famously the area code for New Orleans — has anything to do with Wuerffel’s time with the Saints or the NOLA-based Desire Street Ministries that he’s long been a part of. That’s just a happy accident.)

And even at the $50 price that definitely makes them both premium items rather than mere paperweights, I suspect these will sell well. Though you can still buy the equally awesome Emmitt Smith Ring of Honor bobblehead that FOCO released last year, those were individually numbered to 2,020, and while FOCO also dropped a very cool Kyle Pitts bobblehead that uses the front gate of The Swamp as its awesome backdrop this summer, the beloved tight end still isn’t quite in the same breath as two of the greatest Gators ever.

If you’re planning on picking up either of these fantastic figurines, or maybe the Smith or Pitts ones, let us know in the comments — and be sure to show them off once they arrive.