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The Alligator Army Weekly Open Thread, Vol. CXXXVI

It’s fun, having your body betray you.

Syndication: Gainesville Sun Matt Pendleton/The Gainesville Sun via Imagn Content Services, LLC

So it’s Alabama week. The Florida Gators are playing their biggest home game in maybe a decade. The University of Florida has reached a long-awaited, hotly-pursued goal.

And my body seems to think I need to sleep 10 hours a night right now, for reasons I do not understand and wish I did. This is exactly like how Anthony Richardson felt while having his hamstring tighten up on him 50 yards from the end zone on a touchdown run.

That’s why posting has been both light and delayed since Sunday, and that — and a doctor’s appointment tomorrow — is going to contribute to this week ending up back-loaded despite some best-laid plans. I wish it weren’t this way; it is.

In any case, I have a few ideas for posts between now and Saturday, but I welcome y’all asking questions I can go find answers to and/or deflect in amusing ways or bringing up topics you’d like to have me ignore as I cover whatever I want. Or something.

Also, rest in peace to Norm Macdonald, and go type his name into YouTube tonight if you want to laugh for two straight hours.