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Chomping at Bits: Florida wearing all-white vs. FAU; Auburn transfer Tyrone Truesdell to play

White uniforms at home? Well, it’s a look, anyway. And Florida is set to rotate a just-arrived player at DT.

Florida v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

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Florida to wear all-white vs. FAU: I started writing something in response to this for CAB and it turns out I actually have a lot more thoughts on this than I initially realized, so expect that post later. (@GatorsUnis)

Auburn transfer Tyrone Truesdell expected to play in opener: It’s buried in this news and notes post, but Truesdell, whose transfer was only reported on Monday, is apparently going to play for Florida on Saturday after having begun August at and with Auburn. Maybe Truesdell is the rare veteran who is the exception to the usual rule that players have to practice for a significant period to pick up whatever system a certain football team is running, and/or maybe all those things coaches say about players not being “ready” to play are bullshit to at least some degree. (Scott Carter, Florida Gators)

Andrew Chatfield leaving Florida: The talented edge rusher put his name in the transfer portal on Tuesday, tweeting out a farewell. His name did not appear on Florida’s depth chart for the FAU game, while Dante Zanders did. I do not know who Dante Zanders is. (Zach Abolverdi, The Gainesville Sun)

Vaccination available on campus prior to Florida vs. FAU: I assume that these are just first shots of the Pfizer or Moderna two-dose regimens — or the Johnson & Johnson one-dose shot — for previously unvaccinated people, meaning that these shots are going to largely get into the arms of people who should’ve known better about getting vaccinated (and, if they can make it to Gainesville for a football game, were able to get vaccinated prior to this Saturday.) But the vaccine for a pandemic-causing virus being widely available is better than it not being available, period, and I’m hopeful that this gets a lot of people from a precarious position to one of more safety and security. (Herb Brooks, Florida Gators)

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