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Week 1 college football open thread: And so it begins

The Gators play late. That means you have all of today to survey the rest of the field.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 Big Ten Championship Game Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For years and years, the conventional wisdom in online sports publishing has been that open threads like this one should be festooned with Google-catching keywords about the Week 1 TV schedule or a bunch of proper nouns that will get the clueless to end up at this particular portal when trying to figure out what’s on what channel.

And for years and years, we’ve fed that beast — to some degree — by dutifully presenting some sort of schedule in spaces like these, no matter how ancillary a schedule that shows exactly when and how to catch UMass’s trip to Pittsburgh is Florida fans.

The college football TV schedule was perfected years ago by It’s a clean, clear, comprehensive schedule that provides all the information you may need at a glance, and nothing I do in a table or with an annotated rundown of which games are on when is even one iota better than a page that loads in fractions of a second.

Bookmark that site. Use that site. I’m going to link to it every week in this space, and you’re welcome to come here before you go there, but ... it’s better than what I’d do here, and I’d personally rather the master get the traffic in this instance than to waste my time and yours scraping together a pale imitation thereof every single Saturday.

This Saturday, specifically, is going to find me writing all day. (I do have a Countdown to Kickoff to finish, don’t I?) So what I’m actually going to be able to catch between now and Florida’s 7:30ish kickoff is up in the air.

Please feel free to apprise me of what I’m missing down below.