My opinion on Florida basketball

Florida basketball currently has been up, and down all season. The inconsistency at times has been very frustrating to see. This team's biggest issue has to be shot creation. The inability to create open shots has been very apparent something last year's team didn't have as big of an issue with having Tre Mann. The Gators at times show flashes of brilliance and other times where they look lost offensively, and defensively, especially at the start of the game, or half they just look lost offensively, and defensively. The LSU game might have been the most annoying one of the fifteen played so far, so many open looks, and opportunities at the free throw line, and just could not capitalize with LSU's best player (Tari Eason) fouled out, and Xavier Pinson out due to an injury. The Gators on Wednesday night shot an abysmal 36 percent from the floor, shot 22 percent from three, and shot a lowly 50 percent from the free throw line. Florida has struggled shooting threes all year, shooting just 30.5 percent on the season good for 284th in the country, on top of that 42 percent of the Gators shots are three pointers that is 86th most in the country. The main problem with this is that 47 percent of their threes are considered contested attempts, the average in college basketball currently is just 40 percent contested threes per game. So what can Florida do? What I think Florida needs to do is either go with a bigger lineup consisting of Tyree Appleby, Phlandrous Fleming, C.J. Felder, Anthony Duriji, Colin Castleton, and just try to attack the basket and use your length to force turnovers, bad shots, and get out in transition. I also think a lineup of Tyree Appleby, Myreon Jones, Kowacie Reeves, C.J. Felder, and Colin Castleton could work for maybe some more shooting, and shot creation which Florida desperately needs. From a defensive perspective Florida's defense has dropped off dramatically, and that's thanks to poor transition defense and allowing for easy drives to the basket. I also think Florida's press has fallen off drastically, especially against LSU the press was just getting picked apart, I would love to see us drop the press more often, and play half court defense. In conclusion, I believe this Florida team if they start knocking down some shots, and start making their free throws more consistently could be pretty dangerous, but if they don't they will be a bubble team throughout the year and could be at risk of missing the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2015-2016.

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