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The Alligator Army Open Thread, Vol. CLIII

How are we feeling about the Gators right now?

Syndication: Gator Sports Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

Are you ready for some long-form writing about football?

We’re halfway through this 2022 regular season already, and I’m planning on using this week to issue a series of midterm reports about Florida, but I wanted to start here (and get a post up before noon on a Monday for a change), so: How are we feeling about this season as a whole right now?

Is Anthony Richardson being intermittently awesome enough? Do you sense any improvement from the defense? Are these flashes or mirages on special teams? Is Billy Napier a good game-day coach or a program-builder who needs help? And is an up-and-down 4-2 start likely to be followed with the sort of results that keep any good feelings going or to be forgotten after a fade down the stretch?

I have my own thoughts — which, y’know, that’s what those other posts are for — but I want to hear yours and see if I’ve overlooked or underplayed anything.